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This is more than just a business for owner Krista Rusiecki. While juggling to raise her three boys, the youngest of them suffering from ashtma and several allergies, she herself struggled with a chronic illness . After experiencing the wonders that Reiki and Halotherapy did to improve both her health as well as that of her son's, Krista found her calling. She wanted to help others feel the same relief that she did. She wanted to share her experience and use it to help others as much as she could. Now certified to provide Reiki sessions and Halotherapy to the public, we invite you to come down and see for yourself the magic that will happen at Salty Retreat.  

Relax at the beach... without all the fuss

We offer Halotherapy sessions in both our salt booth and salt bed. Breathe in the same, salty air that you enjoy at the beach, but without the noisy crowds!

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